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Microsoft® Office Access 2003: Level 1

Training Course Content

Lesson 1: An Overview of Access 2003

Topic 1A: Relational Databases
Topic 1B: The Access Environment
Topic 1C: The Database Environment
Topic 1D: Examine an Access Table

Lesson 2: Managing Data

Topic 2A: Examine an Access Form
Topic 2B: Add and Delete Records
Topic 2C: Sort Records
Topic 2D: Display Record Sets
Topic 2E: Update Records
Topic 2F: Run a Report

Lesson 3: Establishing Table Relationships

Topic 3A: Identify Table Relationships
Topic 3B: Identify Primary and Foreign Keys in the Relationships Window
Topic 3C: Working with Subdatasheets

Lesson 4: Querying the Database

Topic 4A: The Select Query
Topic 4B: Add Criteria to a Query
Topic 4C: Add a Calculated Field to a Query
Topic 4D: Perform a Calculation on a Record Grouping

Lesson 5: Designing Forms

Topic 5A: Form Design Guidelines
Topic 5B: Create AutoForms
Topic 5C: Create a Form Using the Form Wizard
Topic 5D: Modify the Design of a Form

Lesson 6: Producing Reports

Topic 6A: Create an AutoReport
Topic 6B: Create a Report by Using the Wizard
Topic 6C: Examine a Report in Design View
Topic 6D: Add a Calculated Field to a Report
Topic 6E: Modify the Format Properties of a Control
Topic 6F: AutoFormat a Report
Topic 6G: Adjust the Width of a Report

Appendix A: Microsoft Office Specialist Program

Microsoft Access 2003 Training Class Outlines:
Level 1 - Fundamentals
Level 2 - Intermediate
Level 3 - Advanced 1
Level 4 - Advanced 2
Level 5 - Access SQL and VBA
Levels 1 - 4 (PDF Document)

Microsoft Access 2003 Additional Information:
Microsoft Access Database Basics
Microsoft Access Whitepaper


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