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Adobe Acrobat Course Outlines:

Acrobat: Level 1
Acrobat: Level 2

Acrobat: Level 1 (Professional)

Lesson 1: Accessing Information in PDF Documents

Topic 1A: Browse a PDF Document
Topic 1B: Navigate to Specific Content Within a PDF Document
Topic 1C: Conduct a Simple Search
Topic 1D: Extract Content from a PDF Document

Lesson 2: Creating PDF Documents

Topic 2A: Create a PDF Document from a Word Document
Topic 2B: Create PDF Documents Using the Print Command
Topic 2C: Create PDF Documents from Web Pages
Topic 2D: Create a PDF Document Using Acrobat

Lesson 3: Modifying PDF Documents

Topic 3A: Manipulate PDF Document Pages
Topic 3B: Edit Text in a PDF
Topic 3C: Add Headers and Footers
Topic 3D: Customize Page Numbering

Lesson 4: Adding PDF Navigation

Topic 4A: Use Bookmarks
Topic 4B: Create and Modify Links
Topic 4C: Format a Story as an Article

Lesson 5: Working with Multiple PDF Documents

Topic 5A: Organize PDFs into a Collection
Topic 5B: Control Access to Multiple PDF Documents
Topic 5C: Search Multiple PDF Documents

Lesson 6: Initiating and Participating in a PDF Document Review

Topic 6A: Choose a Collaboration Workflow
Topic 6B: Add Review Tools to a PDF Document
Topic 6C: Digitally Sign a PDF Document
Topic 6D: Markup a PDF Document
Topic 6E: Compile and View Comments from Multiple Reviewers

Appendix: Implementing a PDF Document Review

Supplemental Lesson Implementing a PDF Document Review
Topic 1A: Implementing an Email-Based PDF Document Review
Topic 1B: Implementing Browser-Based Reviews
Topic 1C: Incorporating PDF Review Comments into a Word Document

Acrobat: Level 2 (Professional)

Lesson 1: Creating PDFs from Technical Documents

Topic 1A: Create PDF Documents from within Microsoft Visio
Topic 1B: Create PDF Documents from within Autodesk AutoCAD
Topic 1C: Measure Technical Drawing Content

Lesson 2: Enhancing PDF Documents

Topic 2A: Embed Multimedia
Topic 2B: Create Actions
Topic 2C: Optimize PDF Files
Topic 2D: Batch Process PDF Documents
Topic 2E: Make a PDF Document More Accessible
Topic 2F: Repurpose a PDF Document for Other Displays

Lesson 3: Creating Interactive PDF Forms in Adobe Designer

Topic 3A: Create a PDF Form
Topic 3B: Add Text Form Fields
Topic 3C: Create Calculations
Topic 3D: Create Fields with Predefined Responses
Topic 3E: Create Buttons
Topic 3F: Organize Collected Data in a Spreadsheet

Lesson 4: Preparing PDF Files for Commercial Printing

Topic 4A: Examine the Commercial Printing Process
Topic 4B: Choose Appropriate Methods of Creating PDF Files for Prepress
Topic 4C: Apply Color Management Settings
Topic 4D: Create and Apply Appropriate Adobe PDF Settings for Prepress
Topic 4E: Preview Printed Effects on Screen

Lesson 5: Finalizing PDF Files for Commercial Printing

Topic 5A: Preflight Documents
Topic 5B: Create PDF/X-Compliant Files
Topic 5C: Create a Composite
Topic 5D: Create Color Separations



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