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Adobe Illustrator Course Outlines:

Illustrator: Level 1
Illustrator: Level 2

Adobe Illustrator CS2: Level 1

Lesson 1: Creating Logos Using Simple Shapes

Topic 1A: Choose New Document Settings
Topic 1B: Create a Custom Workspace
Topic 1C: Draw Basic Shapes with the Shape Tools
Topic 1D: Draw Paths with the Pencil Tool

Lesson 2: Enhancing Logos

Topic 2A: Format Objects
Topic 2B: Manipulate Objects
Topic 2C: Insert Type

Lesson 3: Creating Logos Using Custom Paths

Topic 3A: Draw Paths with the Pen Tool
Topic 3B: Modify Existing Shapes to Create New Shapes
Topic 3C: Duplicate Objects
Topic 3D: Apply Graphic Styles

Lesson 4: Creating a Logo with Type Special Effects

Topic 4A: Apply Gradients to Type
Topic 4B: Create Type on a Path
Topic 4C: Apply an Envelope to Type

Lesson 5: Creating an Advertisement

Topic 5A: Import a Graphic
Topic 5B: Align Objects
Topic 5C: Apply Spot Colors
Topic 5D: Wrap Text
Topic 5E: Export a File

Lesson 6: Manipulating Body Type

Topic 6A: Import Body Type
Topic 6B: Format Type with Styles
Topic 6C: Fix Spelling Errors
Topic 6D: Find and Replace Text
Topic 6E: Insert Typographic Characters

Lesson 7: Managing Assets with Adobe Bridge

Topic 7A: Explore the Adobe Bridge Environment
Topic 7B: Apply Metadata and Keywords to Assets in Adobe Bridge

Adobe´┐Ż Illustrator´┐Ż CS2: Level 2

Lesson 1: Creating Complex Illustrations

Topic 1A: Create Shapes Using the Pathfinder Commands
Topic 1B: Create Compound Paths
Topic 1C: Offset Paths
Topic 1D: Apply Effects
Topic 1E: Create Symbols
Topic 1F: Create Custom Pattern Brushes
Topic 1G: Organize Objects with Layers
Topic 1H: Modify Global Colors

Lesson 2: Providing Support for PSD and PDF Files

Topic 2A: Open Layered Photoshop Documents
Topic 2B: Create an Adobe PDF File

Lesson 3: Creating a Vector Version of a Raster Graphic

Topic 3A: Manually Trace Raster Images
Topic 3B: Trace Artwork Automatically
Topic 3C: Adjust the Results of a Tracing
Topic 3D: Apply a Custom Preset
Topic 3E: Convert a Tracing Object to Paths

Lesson 4: Coloring Artwork Using Live Paint

Topic 4A: Apply Paint Using Live Paint
Topic 4B: Correct Gaps in Objects
Topic 4C: Convert Objects to Live Paint Groups

Lesson 5: Creating a Poster

Topic 5A: Simplify Paths
Topic 5B: Create Clipping Masks
Topic 5C: Create 3D Effects
Topic 5D: Create Blends
Topic 5E: Share Graphic Styles

Lesson 6: Exporting Graphics for the Web

Topic 6A: Convert Colors to Web-Safe Colors
Topic 6B: Create Slices
Topic 6C: Add Interactivity to an SVG File
Topic 6D: Export Web Graphics

Lesson 7: Applying Color Management

Topic 7A: Decide When to Use Color Management
Topic 7B: Set Up Color Management

Lesson 8: Outputting Documents

Topic 8A: Print a Composite Proof
Topic 8B: Create Color Separations


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