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Adobe Photoshop Course Outlines:

Photoshop: Level 1
Photoshop: Level 2

Adobe� Photoshop� CS2: Level 1

Lesson 1: Exploring Photoshop Environment

Topic 1A: Differentiate Raster and Vector Graphics
Topic 1B: Explore the Photoshop Environment
Topic 1C: Customize the Photoshop Environment
Topic 1D: Work with Navigation Tools
Topic 1E: Customize Menus
Topic 1F: Explore Adobe Bridge
Topic 1G: Apply Metadata and Keywords

Lesson 2: Sizing Images

Topic 2A: Determine Display and Print Resolution
Topic 2B: Crop an Image

Lesson 3: Selecting Image Areas

Topic 3A: Select Image Areas with the Marquee Tools
Topic 3B: Select Image Areas with the Lasso Tools
Topic 3C: Save Selections
Topic 3D: Select Image Areas with the Magic Wand Tool
Topic 3E: Select Image Areas with the Magnetic Lasso Tool
Topic 3F: Modify Selections

Lesson 4: Creating Image Composites

Topic 4A: Make Floating Versus Fixed Selections
Topic 4B: Undo Previous Steps
Topic 4C: Copy Selections
Topic 4D: Create Layers
Topic 4E: Create Smart Objects
Topic 4F: Transform Layers
Topic 4G: Copy Layers Between Images
Topic 4H: Save Images in Photoshop Format
Topic 4I: Arrange Layers

Lesson 5: Blending Composite Images

Topic 5A: Defringe Images
Topic 5B: Simulate Transparency with Opacity and Blending Modes
Topic 5C: Feather Edges

Lesson 6: Exploring Image Modes

Topic 6A: Examine Mode Characteristics
Topic 6B: Explore Grayscale and Bitmap Modes
Topic 6C: Explore Color Modes

Lesson 7: Applying Colors

Topic 7A: Select Colors
Topic 7B: Work with Painting Tools
Topic 7C: Clone Image Areas with the Clone Stamp Tool

Lesson 8: Enhancing Images with Text and Special Effects

Topic 8A: Create Type Layers
Topic 8B: Apply Layer Effects
Topic 8C: Work with Filters
Topic 8D: Merge Layers and Flatten Images

Lesson 9: Adjusting Images

Topic 9A: Create Levels Adjustment Layers
Topic 9B: Enhance Images Using Toning Tools
Topic 9C: Adjust the Hue/Saturation of Images

Lesson 10: Saving Completed Images

Topic 10A: Save Images for Use in Print Applications
Topic 10B: Save Images for the Web
Topic 10C: Save Images as PDF

Adobe� Photoshop� CS2: Level 2

Lesson 1: Masking and Clipping Layers

Topic 1A: Erase a Background
Topic 1B: Edit a Selection by Painting a Quick Mask Overlay
Topic 1C: Save and Edit a Selection in an Alpha Channel
Topic 1D: Work with Layer Masks
Topic 1E: Make Areas Within a Layer Semitransparent
Topic 1F: Clip a Layer to the Shape of Another

Lesson 2: Masking with Vector Paths

Topic 2A: Create Vector Paths
Topic 2B: Edit paths
Topic 2C: Mask an Image with a Path

Lesson 3: Filling Image Areas

Topic 3A: Fill Image Areas with Swatch Colors
Topic 3B: Create Gradients
Topic 3C: Create Patterns

Lesson 4: Creating Special Effects

Topic 4A: Distort Editable Type
Topic 4B: Warp an Image
Topic 4C: Create Layer Comps
Topic 4D: Crop Images Precisely
Topic 4E: Restore Photographs
Topic 4F: Simulate Painted Effects

Lesson 5: Automating Tasks

Topic 5A: Create an Action
Topic 5B: Manage Actions


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