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Microsoft® Office 365 Forms

Training Course Content: Microsoft Office 365 Forms allows the easy creation of surveys, quizzes, and polls. You can share Forms and invite others to respond by using any web browser or mobile device and quickly see the results as they come in. Data can be analyzed using powerful charts based on the results. Forms can be integrated with other Microsoft Office and Office 365 Applications for a seamless data collection experience.

Course Objective: Students will be able to learn how to create, modify, delete, print, and customize different types of Forms. Students will also gather results of Forms data for reporting into visual reports, share and collaborate, and integrate Forms into other Office 365 applications.

Prerequisites: To ensure your success, each student should have a general knowledge of Windows, Web browsing and Microsoft Office concepts.

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Lesson 1: Getting Started with Microsoft Forms

  • Overview of Forms
  • Explore Types and Difference of Forms (Surveys, Quizzes, Polls)
  • Use Form Name, Image, Questions and Settings Components

Lesson 2: Create, Modify, Delete Forms

  • Create, Modify, Delete a Form
  • Create, Modify, Delete a Quiz
  • Examine Different Question Types and Options
  • Create, Modify, Copy and Move Questions

Lesson 3: Customizing Forms

  • Change and Customize the Form Theme
  • Insert Images into a Form
  • Share a Form and Modify Quiz Settings
  • Work with Quiz Usage and Response Options

Lesson 4: Sharing and Collaboration

  • Send and Collect Response Options
  • Share a Form as a Template
  • Share and Collaborate using Forms
  • Copy a Form

Lesson 5: Analyzing and Reporting Using Forms

  • Check Response Data
  • View Details for All Form Questions
  • View Collected Summary Information
  • Delete or Print a Response
  • Analyze Form Results in Excel

Lesson 6: Using Forms with Other Applications

  • Insert a Form into OneNote Online
  • Create a Form in Excel Online
  • Create, Edit, and Collaborate on a Form in Microsoft Teams
  • Insert Forms into PowerPoint




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