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Microsoft® Office 365 Teams

Training Course Content: Microsoft Office 365 Teams provides a one-stop digital hub for teamwork and collaboration. It combines existing Microsoft technologies and applications woven together through Office 365. Teams provides a chat hub for users, a way to conduct online calls and meetings, and an easy means to collaborate and share files using other components of Office 365. Teams is an excellent tool for users to work together, regardless of location, and is appropriate for enterprise companies and small organizations.

Course Objective: Students will be able to learn how to communicate, collaborate, share content, and set up meetings to bring together your Teams.

Prerequisites: To ensure your success, each student should have a general knowledge of Microsoft Windows and Microsoft Office concepts.

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Lesson 1: Getting Started with Microsoft Teams

  • Overview of Teams
  • Best Practices and Set up of the Teams Environment
  • How other Applications Interact with Teams

Lesson 2: Teams and Channels

  • Create Teams and Channels
  • Add/ Delete Teams Members
  • Manage Teams and Channels
  • Messages and Chats
  • Send and Receive Messages
  • Edit and Delete Messages
  • Add Emojis, Stickers
  • Bookmark and or Like Important Messages
  • Create Private Messages using Chats

Lesson 3: Meetings in Teams

  • Initiate an On-demand Meeting
  • Schedule and Manage Meetings
  • Meeting Control and Set Up Options

Lesson 4: Sharing Files

  • Share Different Files
  • Explore File types and Locations
  • Edit and Collaborate on Files
  • Create New Files using Teams
  • Upload Files to Teams
  • Link Files using Teams and Office 365

Lesson 5: Search Options in Teams

  • Search Tool Options
  • Search People
  • Search Messages
  • Search Files

Lesson 6: Settings and Customizations

  • Customize Channel Tabs
  • Use Connectors to Link
  • Build and Connect Intelligent Bots
  • Adjust User Settings
  • Administrator Settings
  • Use the Mobile Teams App




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