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Microsoft® Office Excel 2003: Level 1

Training Course Content

Lesson 1: Getting Started with Excel

Topic 1A: An Overview of Excel
Topic 1B: Navigate in Excel
Topic 1C: Select Data
Topic 1D: Enter Data
Topic 1E: Save a Workbook
Topic 1F: Obtain Help

Lesson 2: Modifying a Worksheet

Topic 2A: Move and Copy Data Between Cells
Topic 2B: Fill Cells with Series of Data
Topic 2C: Edit Cell Data
Topic 2D: Insert and Delete Cells, Columns, and Rows
Topic 2E: Find, Replace, and Go To Cell Data
Topic 2F: Spell Check a Worksheet
Lesson 3: Performing Calculations
Topic 3A: Create Basic Formulas
Topic 3B: Calculate with Functions
Topic 3C: Copy Formulas and Functions
Topic 3D: Create an Absolute Reference

Lesson 4: Formatting a Worksheet

Topic 4A: Change Font Size and Type
Topic 4B: Add Borders and Color to Cells
Topic 4C: Change Column Width and Row Height
Topic 4D: Merge Cells
Topic 4E: Apply Number Formats
Topic 4F: Create a Custom Number Format
Topic 4G: Align Cell Contents
Topic 4H: Find and Replace Formats
Topic 4I: Apply an AutoFormat
Topic 4J: Apply Styles
Lesson 5: Developing a Workbook
Topic 5A: Format Worksheet Tabs
Topic 5B: Reposition Worksheets in a Workbook
Topic 5C: Insert and Delete Worksheets
Topic 5D: Copy and Paste Worksheets
Topic 5E: Copy a Workbook
Lesson 6: Printing Workbook Contents
Topic 6A: Set a Print Title
Topic 6B: Create a Header and a Footer
Topic 6C: Set Page Margins
Topic 6D: Change Page Orientation
Topic 6E: Insert and Remove Page Breaks
Topic 6F: Print a Range
Lesson 7: Customizing Layout
Topic 7A: Split a Worksheet
Topic 7B: Arrange Worksheets
Topic 7C: Freeze and Unfreeze Rows and Columns
Topic 7D: Hide and Unhide Worksheets

Appendix A: Microsoft Office Specialist Program


Level 1 Course Summary: Students will create and edit basic Excel worksheets and workbooks, use basic formulas, and apply common formatting and printing techniques.

Level 1 Prerequisites: To ensure your success, each student should have a general knowledge of Microsoft Windows and Microsoft Office concepts. Contact us to discuss if this level is right for you.

Delivery Method: Instructor led, group-paced, hands-on classroom training with activities. Additionally, manuals are provided for each student for after class reference.

Excel 2003 Course Outlines:
Level 1 - Fundamentals
Level 2 - Intermediate
Level 3 - Advanced
Level 4 - Exploring Macros
Level 5 - Advanced Macros & VBA


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