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Microsoft® Project: Level 2

Microsoft Project 2007 Users:

  • Our public class is currently taught using version 2003 due to the user interface similarities between versions. For 2007 users, we point out specific interface differences and enhancements. Please include a note with your registration if you are a Project 2007 user.

  • Private Corporate training can be taught using either version.

Training Course Content

Lesson 1: Exchanging Project Plan Data with Other Applications

Topic 1A: Import a Task List from an Excel File into a New Project Plan
Topic 1B: Create a Custom Import Map
Topic 1C: Export Project Plan Cost Data into Excel
Topic 1D: Copy a Project Plan Picture for Distribution
Topic 1E: Save Project Plan Information as a Web Page

Lesson 2: Updating a Project Plan

Topic 2A: Enter Task Progress Information
Topic 2B: View Task Progress
Topic 2C: Split a Task
Topic 2D: Reschedule a Task
Topic 2E: Filter Tasks in a Project Plan
Topic 2F: Save an Interim Project Plan
Topic 2G: Create a Custom Table
Topic 2H: Add Custom Columns to a Table
Topic 2I: Hyperlink Documents to Tasks

Lesson 3: Creating Custom Reports

Topic 3A: Create a Custom Report
Topic 3B: Modify a Custom Report's Header and Footer
Topic 3C: Add a Picture to a Report
Topic 3D: Modify a Custom Report's Margins
Topic 3E: Print a Custom Report

Lesson 4: Re-using Project Plan Information

Topic 4A: Create a Project Plan Template
Topic 4B: Create a Custom Combination View
Topic 4C: Make Custom Views Available to Other Project Plans
Topic 4D: Share Resources
Topic 4E: Create a Master Project Plan

Additional Items:

Version 2003 vs 2007 - Interface and Enhancements


Microsoft Project Training Course Outlines:
Level 1 - Fundamentals
Level 2 - Intermediate


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