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Microsoft® Office Word 2003: Level 2

Training Course Content

Lesson 1: Managing Lists

Topic 1A: Sort a List
Topic 1B: Restart a List
Topic 1C: Create an Outline Numbered List
Topic 1D: Customize List Appearance

Lesson 2: Customizing Tables and Charts

Topic 2A: Sort a Table
Topic 2B: Modify Table Structure
Topic 2C: Merge or Split Cells
Topic 2D: Position Text in a Table Cell
Topic 2E: Apply Borders and Shading
Topic 2F: Perform Calculations in a Table
Topic 2G: Create a Chart from a Word Table
Topic 2H: Modify a Chart

Lesson 3: Customizing Formatting

Topic 3A: Modify Character Spacing
Topic 3B: Add Text Effects
Topic 3C: Control Paragraph Flow

Lesson 4: Working with Custom Styles

Topic 4A: Create a Character or Paragraph Style
Topic 4B: Modify an Existing Style
Topic 4C: Create a List Style
Topic 4D: Create a Table Style

Lesson 5: Modifying Pictures

Topic 5A: Set Picture Contrast or Brightness
Topic 5B: Crop a Picture
Topic 5C: Wrap Text Around a Picture

Lesson 6: Creating Customized Graphic Elements

Topic 6A: Draw Shapes and Lines
Topic 6B: Insert WordArt
Topic 6C: Insert Text Boxes
Topic 6D: Create Diagrams

Lesson 7: Controlling Text Flow

Topic 7A: Insert Section Breaks
Topic 7B: Insert Columns
Topic 7C: Link Text Boxes

Lesson 8: Automating Common Tasks

Topic 8A: Run a Macro
Topic 8B: Create a Macro
Topic 8C: Modify a Macro
Topic 8D: Customize Toolbars and Buttons
Topic 8E: Add Menu Items

Lesson 9: Automating Document Creation

Topic 9A: Create a Document Based on a Template
Topic 9B: Create a Document by Using a Wizard
Topic 9C: Create or Modify a Template
Topic 9D: Change the Default Template Location
Topic 9E: Insert a MacroButton Field in a Template

Lesson 10: Performing Mail Merges

Topic 10A: The Mail Merge Process
Topic 10B: Perform a Merge on Existing Documents
Topic 10C: Merge Envelopes and Labels
Topic 10D: Use Word to Create a Data Source

Appendix A: Microsoft Office Specialist Program

Word 2003 Course Outlines:
Level 1 - Fundamentals
Level 2 - Intermediate
Level 3 - Advanced
Level 4 - Exploring Macros


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