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Microsoft® Office Word 2007: Level 3

Training Course Content

Lesson 1: Using Microsoft® Office Word 2007 with Other Programs

Topic 1A: Link to a Microsoft® Office Excel® 2007 Worksheet

Topic 1B: Link a Chart to Excel Data

Topic 1C: Send a Document Outline to Microsoft® Office PowerPoint®

Topic 1D: Extract Text from a Fax

Topic 1E: Send a Document as an Email Message


Lesson 2: Collaborating on Documents

Topic 2A: Modify User Information

Topic 2B: Send a Document for Review

Topic 2C: Review a Document

Topic 2D: Compare Document Changes

Topic 2E: Merge Document Changes

Topic 2F: Review Track Changes and Comments


Lesson 3: Managing Document Versions

Topic 3A: Create a New Version of a Document

Topic 3B: Compare Document Versions

Topic 3C: Merge Document Versions


Lesson 4: Adding Reference Marks and Notes

Topic 4A: Insert Bookmarks

Topic 4B: Insert Footnotes and Endnotes

Topic 4C: Add Captions

Topic 4D: Add Hyperlinks

Topic 4E: Add Cross-References

Topic 4F: Add Citations and a Bibliography


Lesson 5: Making Long Documents Easier to Use

Topic 5A: Insert Blank and Cover Pages

Topic 5B: Insert an Index

Topic 5C: Insert Table of Figures

Topic 5D: Insert Table of Authorities

Topic 5E: Insert Table of Contents

Topic 5F: Create a Master Document

Topic 5G: Automatically Summarize a Document


Lesson 6: Securing a Document

Topic 6A: Update a Document's Properties

Topic 6B: Hide Text

Topic 6C: Remove Personal Information from a Document

Topic 6D: Set Formatting and Editing Restrictions

Topic 6E: Add a Digital Signature to a Document

Topic 6F: Set a Password for a Document

Topic 6G: Restrict Document Access


Appendix A: Creating Forms

Supplemental Lesson Creating Forms

Topic 1A: Add Form Fields to a Document

Topic 1B: Protect a Form

Topic 1C: Save a Form Data as Plain Text

Topic 1D: Automate a Form

Word 2007 Training Course Outlines:
Level 1 - Fundamentals
Level 2 - Intermediate
Level 3 - Advanced


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