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Microsoft® Office FrontPage 2003: Level 1

Training Course Content

Lesson 1: Creating a Web

Topic 1A: Overview of Web Development
Topic 1B: Create a New Web Site
Topic 1C: Create and Format Web Page Text
Topic 1D: Create Pages
Topic 1E: Import Web Pages

Lesson 2: Adding Images

Topic 2A: Add a Picture to a Web Page
Topic 2B: Edit a Picture
Topic 2C: Add a New Drawing
Topic 2D: Add a Photo Gallery
Topic 2E: Modify a Photo Gallery

Lesson 3: Creating Links

Topic 3A: Add Hyperlinks
Topic 3B: Add Bookmark Links
Topic 3C: Link from an Image

Lesson 4: Adding Tables

Topic 4A: Insert a Table
Topic 4B: Set Table Properties
Topic 4C: Set Cell Properties
Topic 4D: Edit a Table's Structure
Topic 4E: Split Tables
Topic 4F: AutoFormat a Table

Lesson 5: Formatting a Web Page

Topic 5A: Apply a Theme
Topic 5B: Customize a Theme
Topic 5C: Create and Format with Styles
Topic 5D: Set the Background
Topic 5E: Test in Multiple Browsers

Lesson 6: Designing Your Web Pages

Topic 6A: Design a Web Page Layout
Topic 6B: Lay Out a Web Page with Tables
Topic 6C: Create and Apply a Dynamic Web Template

Lesson 7: Structuring a Web Site with Navigation View

Topic 7A: Create a Navigation Structure
Topic 7B: Modify a Navigation Structure
Topic 7C: Remove a Web Page from a Web's Navigation Structure

Lesson 8: Publishing a Web

Topic 8A: Prepare Your Web Site for Publishing
Topic 8B: Publish Your Web
Topic 8C: Publish a Web Site from One Location to Another

FrontPage 2003 Courses:
Level 1 - Fundamentals
Level 2 - Intermediate


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