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Microsoft® Office FrontPage 2003: Level 2

Training Course Content

Lesson 1: Laying Out a Page with Frames

Topic 1A: Create Frames Pages
Topic 1B: Add Links to Frames Pages
Topic 1C: Modify Frames
Topic 1D: Create an Inline Frame

Lesson 2: Adding User Navigation Components

Topic 2A: Add Search Capabilities
Topic 2B: Create an Image Map
Topic 2C: Insert a Link Bar
Topic 2D: Create a Table of Contents

Lesson 3: Working with Forms

Topic 3A: Create a Form
Topic 3B: Modify Field Properties
Topic 3C: Send Form Data to a File
Topic 3D: Send Form Data to a Database

Lesson 4: Displaying Dynamic Content

Topic 4A: Share Content Between Pages
Topic 4B: Add an Interactive Button
Topic 4C: Swap Images
Topic 4D: Display Database Information on a Page
Topic 4E: Insert Redirect Meta Tags
Topic 4F: Add a Chart

Lesson 5: Managing Workgroup Development

Topic 5A: Manage Tasks
Topic 5B: Manage Files with Source Control
Topic 5C: Manage a File's Review Status
Topic 5D: Secure a Web

Lesson 6: Maintaining a Site

Topic 6A: Manage Web Folders
Topic 6B: Manage Web Files
Topic 6C: Correct Broken Hyperlinks
Topic 6D: Analyze a Web's Usage
Topic 6E: Display a Top 10 List for Visitors
Topic 6F: Change Default Documents


FrontPage 2003 Courses:
Level 1 - Fundamentals
Level 2 - Intermediate


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