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Excel In-depth: Advanced Excel Keyboarding
Work Better, Faster, Smarter

Training Course Content (3.5 hours)

Course Objective: Work like a Pro in Excel by keeping your hands closer to the keyboard, and eliminating the use of the mouse. This class will increase your productivity, help you become more efficient by fully using Excel, and reduce the strain on your muscles from unnecessary, time-consuming wrist movements. Build formulas, work with charts, navigate workbooks and tabs, and even build a pivot table ALL without the use of your mouse.

Prerequisites: Be familiar with formulas (VLOOKUP, MIN, MAX, SUMIFS, and AVERAGEIFS), pivot tables, and charts.

Keyboarding Highlights:

  • Get to know the most commonly used power shortcuts
  • Learn the fast ways to select large amounts of data
  • Create and work with formulas, across tabs and workbooks
  • Work with data tools such as filters, sorting, and subtotals
Delivery Method: Instructor-led, group-paced, hands-on classroom training with activities. Additionally, manuals are provided for each student for after class reference.

Lesson 1: Getting Started with Keyboard Shortcuts

  • Navigate Windows/Desktop
  • General Microsoft Office Shortcut Keys
  • Common Accelerator Keys and Key Tip Badges

Lesson 2: Working with an Excel Workbook

  • Ribbon and Quick Access Options
  • Navigate within Excel
  • Data Selection
  • Dialog Boxes
  • Use submenus

Lesson 3: Modifying/Formatting Data and Worksheets

  • Format Worksheet
  • Format Data
  • Copy and Fill Down Formulas and Values in Large Data Sets

Lesson 4: Managing Multiple Workbooks

  • View options
  • Work across workbooks

Lesson 5: Data Tools

  • Sort, Filter
  • Import Data
  • Tables/Named Ranges

Lesson 6: Formulas

  • Create and Modify Simple and Complex Formulas
  • Link Formulas across Workbooks
  • Use Function Keys within Formulas

Lesson 7: Pivot Tables

  • Create and Use Pivot Tables
  • Create Pivot Chart

Excel 365 Training Course Outlines

Excel 365 Core Features & Functions:

Excel 365 LV 1: Fundamentals of Excel
Excel 365 LV 2: Intermediate Functions & Features
Excel 365 LV 3: Advanced Tools &
Collaboration Features

Excel 365 LV 4: Advanced Functions

Excel 365 New Functions & Features:

Excel 365: New Functions & Formulas
Excel 365: New Features

Excel VBA Macros:

Excel 365 LV 5: Introduction To VBA Macros
Excel 365 LV 6: Advanced VBA Macros

Excel In-Depth Essentials:

Excel In-Depth: Charting Essentials
Excel In-Depth: PivotTable Essentials
Excel In-Depth: Advanced Excel Keyboarding

Excel Power Tools:

Excel Get & Transform (PowerQuery)
Excel PowerPivot Part 1
Excel PowerPivot Part 2


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